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We want what’s best for you. Not only do we fix your teeth, we uncover the root of the problem to provide the best solution for each individual.

Dr. Provencher pledges that each person will always be in the right hands, because we care about everyone that steps foot in our office. You can trust the team at Kelowna Dental Solutions as dentistry is our passion and helping you is what we love to do.

For all your dental problems, you can trust us to be the solution.

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How do I know if I need braces?November 29, 2018

Adult teeth are amazing things aren’t they? They replace our baby teeth and stick with us for life. Now that’s dedication. We should return the favour and ...

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What does a proper bite look like?November 15, 2018

Everyone’s teeth and mouths are unique, and so are their bites. While smiles and bites vary from person to person, there are a few common elements when discussin...

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Oral Health

Preventative care is the key to healthy teeth. Regular check-ups and hygiene treatment are critical in taking a pro-active approach to your overall care and health.

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Bright Smile

Get bright, white, stunning teeth with a smile makeover. We'll examine your teeth to determine the best teeth whitening option for you.

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Sleep Better

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? If you have irregular breathing, difficulty sleeping, daytime drowsiness, lack of energy, or abnormal sleep patterns – you may have a sleep breathing disorder.

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Headaches and Pain Relief

Do you worry about the sounds that your jaw makes? Maybe you have pain or clicking when you open and close your mouth while you eat. Do you suffer from headaches, neck aches, or back aches?

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