A Beautiful Smile Without the Metal

Metal braces were once the only solution to tooth alignment problems such as overbites, under bites, gapped teeth, and crooked teeth.

Fortunately there is now an innovative and “invisible” system that can help your alignment problems without the metal brackets and wires. Invisalign is a comfortable, clear alternative to the traditional metal braces.

About Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary system in which a series of custom made plastic aligners are used to straighten your teeth. Many who qualify for metal braces are also well suited for Invisalign and prefer it.

The concept is similar to the original system of braces with some distinct advantages, most notably aesthetics and discretion. Invisalign also offers more comfort for your lips and cheeks, and doesn’t restrict your diet and food choices. This amazing device can solve many alignment problems such as gaps, over bites, under bites, open bites, overly crowded teeth, and cross bites.

What Makes Invisalign Different?

As an alternative to metal braces, Invisalign offers discretion, comfort, easy cleaning and the same results!

The clear appliance differs from braces because no one can see the near invisible plastic. The aligners work to straighten your teeth while at the same time you can feel comfortable showing off your pearly whites! The plastic aligners are comfortable and removable, meaning that you can continue eating your favourite snacks, like apples, at your leisure! The Invisalign appliance can be easily removed for quick and easy cleaning and eating. Depending on the circumstances, Invisalign braces usually take less time than treatment with standard braces. After only one year your smile can be corrected.

Do You Qualify?

Do you qualify for braces or Invisalign? Kelowna Dental Solutions can conduct a thorough examination of your mouth with a series of records including, X-rays, photographs and dynamic measurements of your mouth to help devise a strategy for fixing your alignment. Whether it’s through metal braces or Invisalign your alignment problems can be taken care of by Dr. Mark Provencher and the Kelowna Dental Solutions team!