Get a confidence boosting smile with dental veneers

When thinking of teeth and smiles, we tend to picture a straight, perfectly proportioned set of pearly whites. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with this perfect set of teeth.

Although there are many temporary solutions to fix colour and shape of teeth, there is nothing as long lasting as a veneer. A dental veneer is a cosmetic process that is commonly used to change the physical appearance of unsightly or damaged teeth. Even though people like Madonna can pull off a space between their teeth, not all of us are happy with our teeth flaws.

What is a Veneer?

A dental veneer is a thin layer of material that is placed over a tooth, either to improve its aesthetics or to protect a damaged surface. Veneers come in two different forms, composite or porcelain. The two range in cost, maintenance and durability and are used according to preference and necessity. A veneer protects our teeth from further damage while boosting appearance, and creating a confident smile.

Love Your Smile

Dental veneers are not just for people with cracked, chipped or discoloured teeth. They are for anyone who wants to enhance the look of their smile. Many people get veneers, even later in life. As we all know, feeling comfortable within your own skin and smile can make a huge difference to how we interact as well as the self confidence we rely on.

Let Us Help

Your smile deserves attention, care and the chance to shine. Dr. Provencher can discuss your needs in depth and offer all the information that you need to get fitted for veneers. At Kelowna Dental Solutions we make sure you feel comfortable in your smile so you can let your pearly whites and your personality shine!