The field of orthodontics has come a long way since being a mouthful of metal and headgear that seemed more like torture than beneficial to your health. Luckily technology and techniques have greatly improved to make the process of braces less painful and more efficient. Trust us, these are not your grandpa’s braces. 

What are braces?

Braces are a combination of brackets and fasteners that are applied to each tooth along with a sequence of wires that are connected to them. Together they act to align and straighten teeth ultimately improving a person’s dental health.

There are many choices of different types of braces today. Some braces are tooth colored, others are clear, while others have properties that help shorten the length of treatment.



Do I need braces?

This question of getting braces is asked so often in the dental field, and the answer is unique to each individual. Braces are no longer just for cosmetics and the real question to raise is “do my teeth line up?”

Straight teeth generally function better and are certainly easier to clean and take care of. Ask yourself, “can I chew everything I want effectively?” If the answer is no, it may be because of how your teeth fit together. If you are grinding your teeth or have regular pain, it could be a result of the alignment of your teeth, and braces may be the solution.

What to expect with Treatment?

The objective of braces is to have continuous light forces constantly and gently move the teeth and change the supporting bone. That old feeling of “having your braces tightened” and relying on soup to feed you as your tender teeth heel, is long gone. You will require a little more care and attention when you are brushing and flossing and, of course, your incredibly inquisitive tongue will take a couple days to get used to the new feeling of the braces, as will your lips and cheeks. The trade off is you will literally get to watch your teeth straighten, your bite improve and your smile become spectacular. 

If you think you could qualify for braces or have any questions talk to the professionals, like Dr. Provencher. Your specific needs will be assessed and matched to the best type of braces for you.