Get to the root

A root canal procedure helps restore the well-being of your tooth. It is needed when there is an infection in the root or pulp chambers of your tooth. The infection is caused by decay or bacteria becoming trapped underneath the tooth.

Like every dental condition, the best way to avoid root canal surgery is to practice good dental hygiene habits, but, if a root canal is a must, don’t fret. The procedure isn’t as scary as you may have heard, and Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher of Dental Solutions will have you feeling better in no time.

Do you need root a root canal?

There are several signs you should look for. The most obvious sign is a toothache. If your teeth are suddenly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures with pain that lasts a long time, if you have a toothache in a specific area, or if the pain radiates down to your jaw, it may be your body trying to tell you there’s something more serious going on underneath.

Inflamed gums and abscesses are another sign that there is an infection brewing.  Teeth discoloration can also point to the need for dental attention. If you see any of these signs, it’s important call Dental Solutions in Kelowna and get your teeth checked as soon as you can.

A pain-free procedure

Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher will begin by prescribing medication a few days ahead of your surgery to calm down your blood.  To further ensure the procedure will be painless, Dr. Provencher will administer local anesthesia before he begins.

After the area is completely numb, Dr. Provencher will remove decay, bacteria and the nerve. After everything is cleaned out, your tooth will be filled with a white filling.  A metal or porcelain crown is then placed over the tooth. Without the nerve in your tooth, you will no longer feel pain or sensitivity to temperature. With the infection gone, swelling and inflammation will disappear and you can be back to work within the next day or two.

Get relief

If you’re feeling pain or discomfort in your gums, a particular tooth, or soreness that travels down to the jawline, you may need a root canal. A consultation with Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher can help you determine if root canal therapy will bring you the relief you’re seeking.