Dental Emergencies Hurt

If you ask anyone who’s ever had a dental emergency they would likely tell you that it can be quite debilitating and is often painful.

Dental emergencies include things as traumas, suddenly fractured or broken teeth, or the development of an abscess.

No one likes these unpleasant experiences, and the best way to deal with them is to avoid them altogether. This is most easily accomplished by visiting Kelowna Dental Solutions on a regular basis for hygiene treatment and dental check-up’s. At these visits we can assess your dental condition and help identify possible problems laying in wait – this offers you the opportunity to be proactive and address them before they manifest.

What to do if an emergency does happen

Simply call Kelowna Dental Solutions at (778) 484 1484. If the office is not open, then call Dr. Mark Provencher directly on his cell phone at (250) 801 8612.

From there Dr. Provencher will work to establish the source of the problem and pain.

If it is an infection it may need to be treated first with antibiotics before any dental treatment can be undertaken. If there is no infection treatment can begin quicker.

Either way, it is our goal to get you comfortable and out of pain as quickly as possible. As mentioned earlier, don’t wait. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort of any variety, call us soon to avoid further unnecessary suffering.