Not all fillings are created equal

Amalgam fillings (dark metal fillings) have been used in dentistry for over 100 years. Fortunately, for a lot of reasons, modern science has allowed us to move past this material.

The metal amalgam fillings have been found to be quite destructive over time. Most people are not aware that their teeth “bend and flex” when they are bit down on. So do the metal fillings – about 4X more than the tooth. 

Teeth also expand when heated (hot coffee) and shrink when cooled (cold ice cream). Metal fillings do the same as well – again about 4X more than the tooth.

Metal fillings are also not bonded or sealed to your tooth structure. This allows for leakage to occur, especially when the fillings are bit on as well as subjected to hot and cold foods and liquids.

Composite or porcelain fillings

Modern science has made great improvements to the materials available to dentists today.

Dentists are able to use composite or porcelain these days to definitively seal teeth for repair and reinforcement. These materials are engineered to behave like tooth structure and to also look like tooth structure. Even better, these materials can be chemically bonded to tooth structure through the use of adhesives in dentistry. These days one really can have it all.

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