Knock Out Your Pain With Expert TMJ Treatment

A sore jaw, a stiff neck, face pain, or an intense earache are sure signs that something is wrong.

If you experience these symptoms, you may have a TMJ disorder that needs to be treated.

What are my TMJ treatment options?

TMJ is a problem is with you temporomandibular joint – your jaw joint.

This is a disorder most often of the bite. Your bite is a trinity made up of the position of your jaw joints, the function of your jaw muscles, and the fit/occlusion of your teeth.

Any disharmony or lack of balance among these three elements will result in breakdown. This breakdown will show up as damage to the teeth (wear, fractures, chips), bones and gum tissues (recession and bone loss), damage to the joints (arthritis, noises, locking), or damage to the muscles (pain).

This imbalance can lead to many behaviors that you may not even be aware of, such as grinding of the teeth, clenching of the jaws, or postural compensations. Over time, this can lead to serious problems that worsen over time.

Dr. Mark Provencher has hundreds of hours of continuing education and study in the area of TMJ/TMD, and he has a number of TMJ treatments options for you.

  • All TMJ treatment is preceded by an accurate diagnosis – the nuances of the disorder are important in selecting the appropriate treatment path
  • ULF TENS (ultra low frequency trans cutaneous electro-neural stimulation) to restore muscle metabolism and physiologic rest
  • Determination of a more idealized lower jaw position – utilizing K7 Myotronics equipment (kinesiograph and surface electromyography)
  • Stabilization of the more idealized jaw position with the use of a custom fit anatomical orthotic
  • Possible adjunctive/supportive therapies with partnering physiotherapists and chiropractors where appropriate
  • Trigger point injections
  • Diet and exercise counselling

Why suffer any longer?

The hard part of dealing with TMJ/TMD is establishing what is normal. Each person’s body slowly develops over time and consequently people believe their condition to be normal. Dr. Provencher, with his training, can help establish the difference between true normal and the “normal” a person believes himself or herself to be. TMJ treatment can eliminate your pain and help you get your life back to true normal.

Find the expertise you need

If you feel you are suffering from pain caused by a TMJ disorder, an appropriately trained dentist is the first and best line of defense. Kelowna dentist, Dr. Mark Provencher, has the knowledge and skill needed to treat your TMJ problem effectively. Call Kelowna Dental Solutions today for a consultation.