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Gaps can develop around and between any of your teeth. This may or may not be a sign of infection in the bone and gum tissues. Similarly, gaps may or may not be associated with pain. In any event, removing, or treating them with veneers, crowns, or bonding can improve the health of your gums, reduce the amount of food you trap, and upgrade the appearance of your smile.

Broken Teeth

Teeth can break, partially or completely, due to sudden impact/trauma or by biting on something. What we are told more often than not, is that the tooth broke while chewing on something soft. This really means that the tooth was already damaged from previous events (or big fillings – especially metal ones) and it is just “dumb” luck that as to when it broke. Again, taking a proactive approach to your care and check-ups offers you the best chance to avoid these situations. If a tooth does break, call us right away. The problem can worsen quickly – including pain and sensitivity as well as irritation for the rest of your mouth from the sharp edges.

Cracked Teeth

Mending cracked a tooth is a process that requires finding and analyzing the crack. It is often easy to detect pain, but not that easy to find the crack and the source of the problem. You may experience sharp pain when you bite down on a cracked tooth, but the crack can be hidden within or beneath the gums or other dentistry. Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher is experienced in treating cracked teeth. He treats every situation uniquely starting off with an examination and testing. There are many different methods Dr. Provencher uses to fix cracked teeth. Some of these solutions include fillings, crowns, root canals or tooth removal to treat your unique situation.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are often not thought to be that big of a deal; however, one must consider the function that each tooth is responsible for. Depending on location, a missing tooth can reduce the amount of support for your bite and jaws, it can change how you chew or what side you chew on. It can even allow for your other teeth to move around. Consider a bookshelf full of books – we all know that when you remove books from the middle of that shelf that all the other books over time will tip and move. Your teeth are no different.

Safe, Easy, and Effective Treatment options at Kelowna Dental Solutions

Whether the issue is aesthetic or more serious, Dr. Provencher encourages you to get you damaged teeth fixed as soon as possible to minimize the worsening condition and either eliminate or prevent pain and suffering. Doing so will improve your oral health, along with your smile and self-esteem. The team at Kelowna Dental Solutions has the tools and expertise to care for all types of damaged teeth.