Everyone breathes when they sleep; however, if your breath makes loud chainsaw-like vibrations while you are asleep you have a condition called snoring.

What is causing your snoring?

There are many situations that may make you snore.

  • If your jaw is in the wrong position, it could cause muscle tightness, leading to inflamed swollen tissues.
  • A misaligned jaw with associated muscle tightness can also subject the airway to torque – think of a garden hose that is not straight, but rather has one or more kinks in it.
  • If your nasal passage is obstructed air cannot get through easily. Allergies or a deviated septum may be the culprit in this case.
  • Alcohol or drugs such as sleeping pills can relax your throat muscles too much allowing for collapse.
  • Falling asleep on your back is the leading cause snoring because your tongue drops to the back of your mouth causing vibrations.
  • Fat can gather in and around your throat and inhibit proper airflow.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea is another condition that can cause snoring. It also causes you to stop breathing several times during the course of the night.

Is your snoring a problem?

If your snoring is loud it can disrupt other people’s sleep. Your snoring may become so disruptive that it even wakes you up. Most importantly though, loud snoring is a 70% predictor for sleep apnea.


Dr. Mark Provencher may recommend a device referred to as a mandibular advancement splint (MAS). This type of device works by moving your jaw into a position that keeps your air passages open while you sleep. To ensure the airway is open, Dr. Provencher first relaxes the muscles of the throat and jaw to ensure there is no torque on the airway (kinks in the garden hose). To understand this technique please read through the TMJ section of this website.

A consultation is the best place to start

The best way to cure snoring is to pinpoint its cause. Kelowna dentist, Dr. Mark Provencher, has the knowledge and expertise to discover what is making you snore and what treatment is best for you.