Improve your athletic performance and protect your teeth


When it comes to protecting your teeth, a sports mouthguard is an essential piece of your athletic gear, regardless of your age.

Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely harm to their teeth if they’re not wearing a mouthguard. While it’s obvious that collision and contact sports, such as football and boxing, are higher-risk sports for your teeth, you can experience a dental injury in non-contact activities, such as gymnastics and skating, too.

Sports mouthguards offer up an additional benefit. According to a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, mouthguards can improve upper and lower body power. Researchers believe clenching your teeth—like you do when you’re wearing a mouthguard—is similar to chewing. It increases blood flow to areas of the brain associated with your memory, awareness, motor control, timing, and fear.

In many places, a professionally fitted mouthguard is mandatory

A sports mouthguard is required for many competitive sports in Kelowna’s schools and private gyms. This precaution is there to protect you.  It also helps the institution avoid insurance liability. Brand name mouth guards often come with a limited insurance policy that lasts for a year, on the condition that the mouthguard is fitted properly. Having your mouthguard fitted by a qualified dentist like Dr. Mark Provancher is the best way to ensure you are using your mouthguard properly.

Protect the investment you make in your oral health

You spend a great deal of money on your oral health. Whether working or playing, if the activity has a risk of an impact or sudden fall, a good sports mouthguard is an important safety precaution. It prevents tooth cracking and tooth uprooting, as well as improving your performance. Just remember that teeth knocked from their sockets can be put back in, save them and take them immediately to Kelowna Dental Solutions.

Get the very best

A custom sports mouthguard made by Kelowna’s Dr. Provancher will provide you with the best fit and protection.  This is because he has the training and experience needed to mold well-fitting mouthguards.  As a dentist, he has  the expertise to evaluate your fillings and the strength of your teeth to ensure you have the most effective mouthguard possible.