Crown your Damaged Teeth


When a substantial amount of tooth structure is lost because of trauma, genetics, or rampant decay, Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher can re-create the functionality and the beauty of your tooth and smile with a dental crown.

A crown will restore the missing structure and mimic the natural anatomy, shape, and contour of your original natural tooth. Dental crowns also re-establish proper oral functions such as speech and mastication.

The crowning process

At Kelowna’s Dental Solutions, we believe in utilizing the least invasive treatment to solve any particular problem. Prior to considering a dental crown we would evaluate the situation for the efficacy of other treatments such as fillings, inlays or onlays.

To help you make the best decision for your situation Dr. Provencher will complete a comprehensive examination to determine if you area a good candidate for the use of crowns. Physiological impairments, such as teeth clenching or grinding, or inconsistent home care will be considered when recommending the best treatment for you. The procedure is most effective for patients who exhibit signs of proper oral care and favorable nutritional habits. Kelowna’s Dental Solutions staff is trained to teach you about correct dietary choices and oral care at home.

Once it is established that you are a good candidate for a crown, the tooth structure is reduced and decay is removed. An impression is taken so a custom-made porcelain crown can be made specifically for your tooth. In the meantime, your tooth is protected with a temporary acrylic crown to avoid any sensitivity from the tooth, or movement of the adjacent teeth.

The color of your natural teeth is matched in the new porcelain, and then the crown is bonded or cemented in place. Most crowns will last 10 years or more with proper home care (including daily brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing with anti-bacterial products if appropriate) and regular hygiene visits.

Improve your confidence and health

Crowns can restore your confidence, and your ability to chew properly and speak correctly. Most of all, you’ll regain the assurance to smile without any fear of being judged.


Cross a Bridge to a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

Dental bridges are designed to replace missing teeth. They can also improve your ability to chew and the aesthetics of your smile.


Bridges are secured in place and do not go in and come out of your mouth. For many, this is a great alternative to a removable partial denture that hooks on to your remaining teeth.

The process is essentially the same as for a crown. One can also assume similar lifespan expectations for a bridge when compared with a crown, and likewise homecare is critical as well.