Hanging onto your wisdom teeth is not always wise


Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually come in when you are between the ages of 16 and 25.

Generally, people develop four wisdom teeth. However, sometimes extra wisdom teeth, or supernumerary teeth, develop. These teeth are not crucial for eating purposes and they often cause more trouble than good. The skilled dental team at Kelowna’s Dental Solutions can extract these problematic teeth any time that the risks of keeping them outweigh the benefits of having them.

Risky wisdom teeth

There are many problems that can arise with wisdom teeth. One problem is partial eruption and impaction. Teeth that only erupt partially can cause pain in your gums, as well as infection underneath your jaw bone. An impacted tooth can point toward the front of your mouth or the rear, either horizontally or vertically.  Extracting partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth can be tricky work. If your tooth is severely impacted, you may even need surgery.  Finding a dentist with the expertise to treat your tooth properly is critical.  Dr. Mark Provencher and his staff at Kelowna’s Dental Solutions are professionally trained and experienced in assessing your wisdom teeth and developing the best strategy for removal and aftercare.

The sooner you do it, the easier it will be

Besides problematic wisdom teeth, the are many other reasons to extract your wisdom teeth.

  • When there’s not enough room. If your jaw isn’t big enough to accommodate your wisdom teeth, it will cause misalignment of your other teeth.
  • Many wisdom teeth don’t fully erupt. If this occurs, cavities, and worse, gum disease are likely.
  • Wisdom teeth are hard to keep clean. Because they lay so far back in your jaw, cleaning wisdom teeth is difficult for many people, leading to cavities and gum disease.

There are lots of reason to have your wisdom teeth removed.  If you can do it while you are healthy, your recovery time will be much shorter

Get expert Kelowna care

If you suspect that you need a wisdom tooth extraction, Dental Solution’s Dr. Mark Provencher can help. While many wisdom tooth extractions are simple, some can be tricky – surgery or sedation my be required for more difficult cases. This is the reason why you’ll want the quality service and care that Dental Solutions can provide.