Fear the Chair No More

For some people, going to the dentist can be a time to lay back, relax and enjoy an hour of rest as someone takes care of your teeth. Others aren’t so lucky, for them it can be an anxious roller coaster ride.

At Kelowna Dental Solutions we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible, and because of this we offer oral sedation.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation helps calm nerves and anxieties. It is as simple as taking a small pill. Oral sedation will help calm your body and numb your senses to help you relax or sleep through your check up or procedure. Dr. Provencher is a qualified dentist who is authorized to use oral sedation for those of us that have a tougher time in the dental chair.

Kelowna Dental Solutions offers many different levels of oral sedation. With minimal sedation you are relaxed, but can reply to external encouragements. When using stronger sedatives we may have you so relaxed you don’t even recall your visit. The type of oral sedation required depends on the intensity of your dental procedure and the degree of your dental anxiety.

How Does Oral Sedation Help?

Dr. Provencher chooses from a range of sedatives. The various sedatives have been used safely in dentistry for decades, and they all act on the central nervous system. The effects of sedation will help patients with fear, panic attacks, and pains.

Putting Our Patients First

While almost all professional dental sedatives are safe and have little to no side effects in most patients, all drug administration requires a qualified evaluation of your medical history and current medication use. Dr. Provencher and Kelowna Dental Solutions will be sure to mitigate any risk factors before treatment to ensure you have the best experience possible.