Everyone loves a beautiful smile

Do you have gaps, cracked teeth, missing teeth or other oral health problems?

Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher has the skills and tools to improve your smile, boosting your self-esteem and confidence. A better smile will make you look younger and improve your relationships. There are so many benefits that come with Dental Solutions’ cosmetic dentistry services.

What can an enhanced smile do for you?

Confidence Boosting

An enhanced smile is a confidence booster. A common complaint Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher hears is about broken or discolored teeth. Bad teeth make it hard to be socially active. They are unappealing to strangers and significant others. Almost every part of life depends on confidence.  A cosmetic treatment by Dental Solutions will give you a smile that makes people want to be around you, whether socially, professionally or romantically.

Relieved Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a major contributor to fatigue and death. In no time, it contributes to weight gain, depression and health disorders. One cause of stress and anxiety is a poor appearance. Even a few gaps or chips in your teeth can put you on edge. Fixing your teeth is one way to reduce your stress. Once people see how good their teeth look after treatment, they are motivated to improve other parts of their body. In the end, you’ll smile more and have more feelings of well-being.

Improved Relationships

All relationships require closeness and comfort, whether they involve spouses or friends. Romantic relationships thrive on intimacy and sharing. Some people struggle with relationships because they have poor oral health. Dr. Provencher can help you get the smile you need to get close and stay close without concern.

Better Pictures

It is easy to worry about how you look in pictures because you are immortalized in them. The way you pose is related to your self confidence. Being photographed is about revealing yourself and your vibrant smile to the world. Kelowna’s Dr. Mark Provencher’s cosmetic dental treatments will help you to love being photographed.

Get your enhanced smile here in Kelowna

Dental Solutions’ Dr. Provencher has many treatments to help you achieve your better smile.

Whether you choose a simple whitening treatment, a full smile makeover, or something in between, your self-respect and happiness will improve. With new found confidence, you can feel bolder on the job, more outspoken in the classroom and less fearful in crowded places.