Dean D.

I worked in dentistry for 15 years selling advanced biotechnology. From my early experiences I was exposed the very best dentists from across Canada, the United States and Europe. I consider Dr. Provencher in this group. My dental health was good but I was missing teeth and my molars tipped. By the time I was 40 the wear on my lower teeth was causing pain and looking unsightly. I also had a lot of amalgam fillings (the grey ones). I was told I needed two years of orthodontics and then advanced prosthodontics and extractions and a number of dental implants to correct my situation. Worse, was that I had to see a number of specialists for quotes and none could offer me any plan for “how it would all work out”. Then I met Dr. Provencher and his approach. We started slowly and as he learned about my situation he started to show me how he could help me. Now, I have a great smile, a great bite and the entire process was good for me. Dr. Provencher has amazing attention to detail and I am always confident that he will only be happy when my teeth are the best they can be. It’s great to have a dentist with his skill level and his care and personal attention.

Lori J.

Lori is a young woman who had worked hard to get ahead in the corporate world. She took great pride in her work ethic and her appearance, but felt that her smile somehow was just not what it could be. She sought me out for a consultation to discuss her options. I let her know that she had many choices including everything from doing nothing, or just simple whitening all the way up to a smile makeover. I was very careful to ask Lori what she felt was lacking in her smile, or what she would like to see improved – and then I listened. She didn’t like the space and blackness between her two front teeth and she also felt they were too long compared to her other teeth. She then went on to say she felt her smile looked “squished” or too narrow. Lori thought her back teeth didn’t show quite as much as she would like when she smiled. I let her know she was in the right place and that we could take care of all of those issues for her. We ended up treating Lori with whitening for her lower teeth and ten conservative porcelain veneers on her top teeth. The result is spectacular. Lori was a good looking lady to begin with, but with well proportioned, brighter, fuller teeth we feel she is stunning. Everyone, especially Lori, was thrilled with the result.

Candace M.

When I first met Candace she appeared very meek and almost sad. I couldn’t quite understand it as I saw her as a beautiful young woman. As always, I asked her how I could help and then I listened carefully. She went on to tell me how she grew up missing some of her adult teeth and how that had haunted her through her developing years in school. She was shy and stayed clear of a lot of social interactions and functions – you could really see the pain in her eyes as she shared. Candace let me know that she wore a partial denture and that she had many fears around it; everything from it breaking to being lost to falling out in conversation. I then asked for permission to examine her teeth and take photos, and I really had to reassure her she was in the right place and that I would help her for her to let me do my work. After taking records I planned a strategy for helping Candace. It involved whitening of her teeth followed by some conservative porcelain veneers and bridges to replace the missing teeth. I let Candace know that this would deal with her embarrassment of missing teeth while also improving the colour, shape and size of the remaining teeth. When the treatment was complete we were all stunned with the change we saw. The pictures say it all. Pure joy and release evident in her expression. She was finally able to smile – to really smile.

Chris T.

I met Chris when he came in to see me about improving his smile. I asked him what he was looking to change and he was clear. He thought his teeth were too yellow. He thought his teeth were crooked, rotated, and uneven. I let Chris know that we could definitely help him improve all of those areas, but that I would need to do a thorough examination first to make sure there weren’t other issues. When I got a chance to look in Chris’s mouth I was struck by the advanced wear on his teeth – all of his teeth. His teeth were at least two decades older than he was, just based on the damage alone. I let Chris know what I found, and I let him know that I felt strongly this wear was related to a misaligned bite. I let him know that we could do veneers on his teeth and address all of the issues on his list; however, I also let Chris know if we didn’t address his misaligned bite that the beautiful veneers would likely fail and would certainly not be a predictable long term solution. Chris appreciated the logic of the information and made the decision to actually treat the “entire problem”. For Chris, his solution became a full mouth reconstruction. Now, Chris has a beautiful smile – the smile

Ken M.

Ken came to me as a toothache of all things. He had a tooth on his upper right near the back that had been giving him pain for a couple of weeks. I told Ken no problem, I would look at the area and see what we could do. As it turned out Ken had a broken/cracked tooth for which I advised a crown. I also let Ken know, as we looked at pictures of his teeth together, that he had other teeth with cracks, fractures and cavities – they just weren’t causing him any pain or discomfort yet. Ken was genuinely surprised, but appreciative of the perspective and information. What was great was Ken asked me what I could do to help him. I let him know that in order to answer that question I first needed to determine what it was that was causing the issues. Together we also noticed that he had worn away about 40% of his front teeth (length). I let Ken know, after examining him, that the heavy wear and tear on his teeth was due to a combination of old failing dentistry and a misaligned bite. In order to give Ken back what he had lost and damaged we would need to rebuild his teeth. I explained to him that this approach would result in stability and predictability while preventing the same pain he was feeling know from happening again and again in different teeth. Ken agreed that this approach made sense. It was then that I let Ken know that we could make some aesthetic changes as well. Ken was thrilled with this although he wanted us to be clear it was not why he was proceeding. We treated Ken with beautiful bonded porcelain restorations and we are all very very happy with the results.

Dawn P.

I have always been scared of the dentist, mostly because of a fear of needles. Somehow when I met Dr. Provencher his demeanour and gentle mannerisms started to change things for me. He really took time to listen to me which included asking about my fears. He let me know he understood and would do everything in his ability to help me through any treatment I needed. This communication opened the door for me to start thinking about my teeth and my health. I was able to share with him that I had been self conscious about my teeth and smile for most of my life. I showed him how I thought my smile was crooked and he showed me that it was changing how my lips were smiling. Dr. Provencher took the time to let me know what he could do for me and he showed me examples of other he’d helped like me. I decided to make a change – to do something for me – and I trusted Dr. Provencher to be the one that would help me make that change. Best decision I’ve ever made. Not only do I have a great, naturally beautiful smile now, but I felt so cared for through the entire process. It is clear to me that Dr. Provencher pays incredible attention to details while somehow making everyone around him comfortable. I rave about him all the time to anyone who will listen.

Kiera R

As a dental professional having a beatiful smile is not only an important attribute for my patients but also for myself. When I made the decision to have Porcelain veneers placed on my upper teeth the ONLY name that came to mind was….. Dr. Provencher!

Dr. Provencher has an incredible eye for detail, outstanding expertise, caring manner and gentle touch. He has given me a smile I am proud to show off!

I recommend Dr. Provencher 100%, you will recieve the best possible dental care!!!