If you have a tooth that is severely damaged, a root canal may be the option to save the tooth and restore your dental health.

Infections in the root canal system can be caused by deep cavities, decay, repeated dental procedures, fractured teeth or dental injuries. In a root canal procedure, the infected area within the tooth’s root canal is removed, including the pulp, blood vessels and nerves. As an analogy, you could think of it as being like sweeping out a chimney.

If left untreated, the infection could spread and lead to more serious issues. Here are some warning signs that you might need a root canal:


Tooth sensitivity ranging to severe tooth pain

Have you noticed that your teeth are becoming increasingly sensitive? When you eat or drink foods that are especially hot or cold, do you experience pain or discomfort in a certain area? Does this pain linger for a minute or longer? If yes, this could be a sign that your dental pulp is exposed and a root canal may be able to help.

Tooth pain is one of the most clear indicators that you may need a root canal. Pain is typically an indicator that something just isn’t right. Some signature pain indications of nerve involvement include pain brought on by change in posture (like placing you head between your knees), or by a change in pressure (like driving through the mountains, of taking a flight).  

If you experience pain, even if it’s only when you bite down or if the intensity changes throughout the day, you should visit your dentist to have it checked.


Swelling or bumps on the gums around the teeth

When your tooth is experiencing trauma, the gums surrounding it are likely to react as well. If you notice that your gums are swollen and painful, or they have little bumps appearing on them (this may even appear like a pimple), it could be a sign of infection.


Tooth discolouration

If a tooth seems to be darkening more than the rest of your teeth, it could be a sign of infection in the dental pulp of that tooth. If the discolouration is combined with pain, sensitivity or swelling, you may need a root canal procedure. It is important to note; however, that pain is not always present when a tooth requires a root canal.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s time to book a dental checkup. Contact Kelowna Dental Solutions today to book an appointment.


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