Do you worry about your next dental appointment? You’re not alone.

Many people are anxious about dental visits for a number of different reasons. Some anticipate great pain, while others worry that the dentist might be rushed through their appointment or neglect their concerns. At Kelowna Dental Solutions, we understand that many patients struggle with feelings of anxiety, and we’re here to help.


While we want to assure that you have nothing to fear, we also want to provide you with some advice for how to deal with your fear and anxiety of the dental chair and how we can help.

Trust and communication help lower stress levels significantly, which is a dual effort! One of the most important factors in overcoming dental anxiety is good communication between you and your dentist. That’s why at Kelowna Dental Solutions, we want you to feel informed and in control throughout your visit.

If you’re nervous about an upcoming appointment, try these ways to help calm your anxiety:

1. Share your fears. If you're tense or feeling anxious, tell us! Expressing your concerns will help us adapt the treatment to your needs.

2. Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during dental procedures. When people are nervous they tend to hold their breath, which decreases oxygen levels and further increases feelings of panic.

3. Listen to some of your favourite tunes or watch tv. If the sound of the dental tools bother you, bring along your favorite music or tune into the tv’s we provide for your relaxation.

4. Watch what you eat and drink prior to a dental appointment. Avoid caffeine as this will increase your anxiety. Eat high-protein foods which – unlike sugary foods – produce a calming effect.

5. Use hand signals to communicate. Again, communication is key and when you can’t exactly talk with a tool in your mouth, a signal can come in handy! When you feel uncomfortable, use your signal to let us know you need to take a break. 


If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Mark Provencher is here to help! Contact us today to see how your fears can be alleviated and turn your appointment into a pleasant one.  

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