Your whole body is changing to prepare for your new baby, but did you know that being pregnant can have a negative effect on your dental health? Being pregnant doesn’t automatically damage your teeth, but your increased hormone levels and the demands put on your body during pregnancy can lead to risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

There is an old wives tale that states “gain a child, lose a tooth!” Now that might not be true, but studies show that there is a direct link between pregnancy and dental health. This is due to the hormone fluctuations associated with pregnancy.

Some gum problems that could arise include:

  • Gingivitis and gum inflammation - the increased levels of the hormone, progesterone, makes a cozy environment for bacteria to grow and causes gum tissue to be more sensitive.  
  • Periodontal disease - a chronic gum disease that is often discovered during pregnancy that is caused by untreated gingivitis and can lead to tooth decay.
  • Pregnancy epulis - a lump that may appear on the gum tissue that often bleeds and may appear red. Some women many choose to have the lump removed during the pregnancy due to the bleeding, however after childbirth the lump will shrink and eventually disappear as hormone levels return back to normal.

There are many side effects of being pregnant that can also be damaging to your dental health. Morning or even all day sickness may in inevitable, and the acid breaks down and softens the enamel, avoid brushing directly after getting sick as the acid and vigorous brushing scratches off the enamel.

Cravings can also prove to be a culprit of poor dental health. While your baby might be demanding sweets and sugary drinks, try to avoid high sugar foods and sticky sweets. If you can’t help but satisfy that sugar craving, try to stick to natural sugars such as fresh fruit and be sure to brush your teeth frequently following a sweet snack!

Not to worry! With proper care and check ups, you can keep your teeth bright and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Switch to a softer brush, and be sure to talk to your dentist and let them know you are expecting. If you have any questions or concerns, please make an appointment to see Dr. Provencher today!

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