For many people, the thought of visiting the dentist can trigger anxiety and trepidation, especially if they require treatment.

Some choose to avoid the dentist altogether, which can lead to poor dental hygiene and suffering further down the road. Others decide to be sedated with pills or IV medicines during their visits, but while sedation allows for treatment to be delivered without the stress or fear, there are a number of downsides.

Sedation isn't practical for everyone

If a patient chooses to be sedated, they will be required to organize a chaperone to accompany them, and will often require more time off work and a dependance on someone else to bear the burden of their responsibilities until they recover.

Sedation is also not an option for some. For example, patients that need to operate machinery, including a vehicle, or look after children directly after treatment.

So, is there a happy medium? An option that alleviates the anxiety of a dentist visit but doesn’t hinder the rest of the day?

The alternative


The answer is yes. The world of neuroscience offers an all-natural alternative. The NuCalm system utilizes science to lead patients into deep relaxation. The system works by presenting the brain with an acoustic puzzle through headphones. Combined with food-based supplements and dark glasses, the result is tranquillity for the patient, while the dentist can get to work. And once the procedure is over, the patient is 100% alert and ready to return to their day.  

Ask your dentist for a trial during your next visit!


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